The 2011 Air Rifle Intervarsities and Colours were held on Saturday, 5th of March 2011, in Wilkinstown Target Shooting Club, Wilkinstown, Co. Meath.

The Intervarsities is split into three sections, the novice or junior squad, the senior squad and the overall which is the combination of the novice and senior squads scores. UCD took a clean sweep for a second year in a row by winning all three sections.

After an incredibly highly scoring five details, UCDRC finished with a total score of 5307 beating out DURC (Trinity) by 135 points in total. UCD Juniors managed to achieve a truly magnificent average of 524, which put the result beyond doubt.

DURC did manage to take the indivdual top scores prizes with scores of 554 and 543 in the Senior and Junior matches respectively. They also claimed the Captains' Match, with DURC's Aisling Miller pipping UCDRC's John Lancaster by a very tight 6 points.


Summary Statistics

UCDRC Score Avg. DURC Score Avg.
Senior 2159 539.75 Senior 2154 538.50
Junior 3148 524.67 Junior 3018 503.00
UCD Total 5307 530.70 DURC Total 5172 517.20


Full results here.