As we have had many enquiries for information on the types of firearms used in ISSF competition, we have created a database of makes and models for each of the disciplines. The lists are not fully comprehensive and are still being updated, but give a detailed description of the different firearms manufactured specifically for ISSF competition.

Although other firearms may be used, these are not manufactured exactly to ISSF maximum or minimum specifications regarding barrel lengths, sight radius, trigger weights etc. Using such firearms may result in a significant disadvantage to the competitor.

Standard Pistols
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List of Standard Pistols (for Standard and Womens 25m Pistol disciplines). Also for the Rapid Fire discipline, but note that some models are specifically designed for this event and others may be at a disadvantage to them.

Fullbore Rifles
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List of Fullbore Rifles

Air Rifles
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List of ISSF Air Rifles

Free Pistols
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List of Free (50m) Pistols. These are referred to as free because of the absence of restrictions such as barrel length, sight radius, weight, grip configuration or trigger weight.

Air Pistols
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List of Air Pistols

Centre Fire Pistols
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List of Centre Fire (Fullbore) Pistols. Although the rules allow for calibres between 7.62mm and 9.65mm (.30" - .38"), in practice manufacturers have settled on the .32" WC for this discipline.

Smallbore Rifles
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List of Smallbore Rifles