The results from today's National 10m Air Pistol Championships are as follows:

AP 60
Name Club Elimination Score Final Score Combined
Tim Scannell KTSC 524 93.3 617.3 1st
Joe Conroy Fermoy 526 88.8 614.8 2nd
John Cashman Fermoy 528 86.4 614.4 3rd
James Farrell WTSC 516 90.1 606.1
Eanna Bailey MPI 501 84.8 585.8
Ray Kane DFST 488 85.3 573.3
Natalya Coyle MPI 476 76.7 552.7
Mark Dennehy WTSC 473 74.1 547.1
Lara Bailey MPI 453
Roisin Eivers MPI 450

Tim Scannell from Kerry has retained his gold medal in this event again this year.  Joe Conroy, from Fermoy,  has retained his silver medal.  John Cashman, another member from Fermoy, has taken the Bronze medal.  This was John's first time to compete in this event.  Congratulations are extended to our medal winners.  We wish to thank all who competed and all who helped out on the day.    We wish our friends in Modern Pentathlon Ireland (MPI) all the best in their forthcoming Junior European Championship Event which they are hosting later this year in Dublin.