Here are the results from this years Air Rifle Championships:

AR 60          
Name Club Elimination Score Final Score Combined  
Ray Kane DFST 570 97.5 667.5 1st
Jim O'Hagan WTSC 550 98 648 2nd
Lorcan O'Carroll DURC 553 92.7 645.7 3rd
Sean Baldwin DFST 555 87.9 642.9  
Mark Dennehy WTSC 551 91.1 642.1  
Shane Flynn WTSC 538 96.8 634.8  
Mike Dunne DURC 523 93 616  
Colm Brereton WTSC 504 78.4 582.4  
Colin Fowler DURC 498      
John Lancaster UCDRC 486      
Dave Murray DFST 480      
Mark Casey WTSC 336      
AR 40          
Name Club Elimination Score Final Score Combined  
Susan Cunningham WTSC 377 103 480 1st
Emma Lyons UCDRC 377 97 474 2nd
Ciara Gaffney UCDRC 377 96.9 473.9 3rd
Elizabeth O'Hagan WTSC 369 92.9 461.9  
Paula Cunningham WTSC 364 97.2 461.2  
Laura Cunningham WTSC 362 92.4 454.4  
Laura Kidd DURC 360 91.3 451.3  
Eleanor Mollett DURC 353      
Pavlina Mikova DURC 333      
Tara Heaney WTSC 308      
Junior AR x 40          
Name Club Score      
Susan Cunningham WTSC 377 1st    
Lorcan O'Carroll DURC 368 2nd    
Paula Cunningham WTSC 364 3rd    
Jim O'Hagan WTSC 362      
Laura Cunningham WTSC 362      
Shane Flynn WTSC 361      
Tara Heaney WTSC 308      
Class A          
Name Club Score      
Ray Kane DFST 379 1st    
Ciara Gaffney UCDRC 377 2nd    
Susan Cunningham WTSC 377 3rd    
Elizabeth O'Hagan WTSC 369      
Sean Baldwin DFST 367      
Mark Dennehy WTSC 365      
Jim O'Hagan WTSC 362      
Shane Flynn WTSC 361      
Class B          
Name Club Score      
Emma Lyons UCDRC 377 1st    
Paula Cunningham WTSC 364 2nd    
Laura Cunningham WTSC 362 3rd    
Eleanor Mollett DURC 353      
Mike Dunne DURC 349      
Class C          
Name Club Score      
Lorcan O'Carroll DURC 368 1st    
Laura Kidd DURC 360 2nd    
Colm Brereton WTSC 334 3rd    
Colin Fowler DURC 333      
Class D          
Name Club Score      
Pavlina Mikova DURC 333 1st    
John Lancaster UCDRC 324 2nd    
Dave Murray DFST 320 3rd    
Tara Heaney WTSC 308      
Mark Casey WTSC 237      

I wish to congratulate all our medal and prize winners and wish to thank all the competitors for taking part and helping to make this such an enjoyable event. I wish to thank also all the back room team who worked so hard to make the match such a success and ensured that everything worked smoothly. I wish to thank too the UCD Club for allowing us to use their excellent range. The new computer scoring target system is a joy to work with and I had to stop myself a few times from going around looking for batches of targets to be scored!
Again I wish to thank all the shooters for taking part and I am looking forward to working with all again in the near future.