A very quick thank you to all the competitiors and helpers at this years Air Rifle Championships.  This years match ran very smoothly and the finals were very exciting. 

Congratulations are extended to all the medal  and class  winneres.  Well done all.

I wish to thank the UCD Club for the use of their facility and for the works they have undertaken to develop their range.  The computer system now makes the background work very easy and accessible.  The projector for the finals makes the event very spectator friendly and tense.

Thanks again to the all the unnmaed heros in mininorty sports, without whom, the world would be so much duller.  Those who look after entries, those who sort targets, those who R/O, those who cover the Stats office, those who watch the timing, those who make the tea, those whose shoulders are needed sometimes.   The anxious, excited and proud parents.  The partners who bite their lips and hold thier breath when you really shouldn't have taken that shot.  The satisfaction of a ten and the cheer for a 10.9.  What can I say?  magic!  Bless you all.