Today in Bisley it was the 10m Air rifle Junior Women's match, this is a 40 shot match, shot over the period of 1 hour 15 minutes.

The Irish team for this match were, Elizabeth O'Hagan, Cliodhna Russell & Susan Cunningham, in their first International, they were to find themselves up against a strong field of 40 competitors from around the world.





The Irish team acquitted themselves well with fine performances from all.

Susan was to qualify for the final with a score of 380 out of a maximum of 400.





In the final the top 8 competitors fire 10 more shots under the command of the range officer, with a maximum of 75 seconds per shot. These shots are scored to the decimal place e.g. Maximum score per shot 10.9.

Susan's score in the final was 98.8 putting her into 7th place.






Tomorrow will see Iain Nash competing in the Junior Men Prone Match.



Also in action again will be Damien Fagan, Marc Lynn, Shane Flynn & Jim O'Hagan in the Junior Men Air Rifle Grand Prix and in the Junior Women Air Rifle Grand Prix we will see Elizabeth O'Hagan, Cliodhna Russell & Susan Cunningham represent Ireland.





Results, Junior Women

Results, Junior Women Team