Leinster Open.

Results from day 1. The 3 x 40 Match.


1st Declan Kelly DRC

Prone, 97,98,97,97=389

Standing; 95,90,90,86=361

Kneeling; 87,93,93,94=367

Total 1117

2nd Daniel Fleming WTSC

Prone; 94,91,87,93=365

Standing; 53,68,61,59=241

Kneeling; 84,89,88,84=345

Total 951

3rd JK Walsh DRC

Prone; 94,87,94,92=367

Standing; 70,69,60,69=268

Kneeling; 69,70,62,74=275

Total 910

Dublin Rifle Club, would like to congratulate all of the competitors who competed in the 3 x 40 match today, in what were hot, sunny and at times tricky conditions.

Well done!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the Air rifle & Prone matches.