Hi Everybody,

Please be advised that there are changes to the dates of the DURC and UCD airgun matches and the Leinster Open 25yard indoor rifle match; and that the DRC 10m Airgun match has been postponed until the new year. The DURC match will take place in UCD on the 5th of November and the UCD match will take place on the 19th of November, while the Leinster Open will take place in Rathdrum on the 12th of November. Please contact the respective Clubs for more details, and see the updated Calendar 2006 entry listed in the Main Menu to your left.
We regret any inconvenience that these changes may cause and we hope there will be a large attendance at these matches. Procedural changes have been made to try to ensure that such large changes will not happen in the future without far more notice being given.

edit: Folks, it seems we spoke too soon - there are some problems with the dates for the DURC and UCDRC matches listed for November 5th and 19th respectively. We're sorting this out and we'll post the new dates just as soon as is possible. Sorry about this...