Team of 13 from Wilkinstown will take part in this years British Airgun Open...

Taken from Wilkinstown Website


Contributed by Geoff Cooney
Wednesday, 15 February 2006

The final arrangements for this match are now swinging into place.  Our team of 13 shooters is preparing to set out tomorrow for Bisley and for three great days of exciting shooting.  Spirits are high in the team camp and a good trip is expected.

Friday is the first day of the competition and will see our shooters on the practice ranges early.  while practice is going ahead, each shooter will have to present themselves and their kit for equipment control.  Following this, there is a short break to grab something to eat and then commence preparation for the match which commences later that afternoon.  All of our shooters are in action on Friday and we are expecting good scores to be recorded by all.

Saturday sees most of our shooters in action again and we are confident too that the successes of day one will be repeated and if possible improved upon.

Day three sees the British Open match proper and all our shooters are back on the line, again in this match we are expecting good performances from all our shooters.

Our guys and girls are well prepared for this match and are up for it.  Outcome? like in most sports, hard to call, a little bit of luck is always welcome!  If some of our squeaky shots score as squeaky tens! Who knows? So here's to lady luck! May she smile on us this weekend!

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