To be held on Sunday 13th March 2005

On the Indoor Range at Rathdrum

Championship: 60 shots at 25 yds

Classified Competition: Best 4 Cards

Combined Entry Fee: Euro 12.00 (incl sub to N.T.S.A.)

Range Opens at 10 a.m. – Last Entry strictly at 12.30 p.m. The competitor must be present in order for an entry to be made on their behalf.

Prizes: 1st to 3rd in Championship and prizes in Classified Competition dependent on entry.

Rules: N.T.S.A.

Ties to be decided by graduated gauges.

7 minutes per detail.

One practice card allowed, strictly 10 shots per card thereafter.

Firing points to be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Single entry only allowed.

Challenges Euro 2 per card which will be refunded if the challenge is successful.

Challenges must be lodged before the prize giving.

Contestants may not retrieve or see their cards after handing them in for scoring and before lodging a challenge. Any cards seen, handled and/or removed after handing in for scoring may not be challenged and the Competitor will automatically lose a tie break in such circumstances unless the Range Committee decides otherwise.

The Committee reserves the right to alter the conditions before the last shot is fired.

Early shooting strictly by prior arrangement.

Nicholas West

Hon. Secretary