To be held at the Rathdrum Rifle and Pistol Club, 

On the 19th and 20th of May


Competitors must be affiliated to TSI through their club or individual affiliation. If you are unsure of your affiliation status or wish to affiliate, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance of the competition. 


Event 1 - National 25yd 3P Championships:
This will be a 3x40 shot 3-Position qualifying event leading into a final, using the 2017 ISSF final timings and format, Second Print v1.1 01/2018.

Event 2 - National 25yd Prone Championships:
This will be a 60 shot Prone qualifying event leading into a final, using the 2017 ISSF final timings and format, 
Second Print v1.1 01/2018 (Rule 6.18).

Event 3 - National 25yd Team of Three:
This will be a team competition between clubs. The winning club will be decided by the one with the best three combined 60 shot Prone scores. There is no separate entry required for this event.


The Finals for the above will be restricted to those who are eligible to shoot for Ireland (eligible to hold an Irish passport). Selection of the top seven competitors for the purposes of the finals will be done on this basis.

Class Prizes:

All Prone Competitors in Classes B, C, and D will be able to compete for prizes in these Classes. There will be three prizes per class. For this event, the class prizes will be based on the first 60 shot score recorded from Event Two. Re-entry is not permitted.


Adult entry = €20.00

Student and/or Junior entry = €15.00

Closing date for entries: 12 hours before detail start time.

Competitors must be eligible to hold an Irish passport to win National Medals. 

Event Schedule 

3P Championships: 19th of May

Detail 1: 11:00 (Sighting/Prep: 10:45, Call to the Line: 10:30)
Final Reporting: 14.00

Medal ceremony to follow


Prone Championships: 20th of April

Detail 1: 10:00 (Sighting/Prep: 09:45, Call to the Line: 09:30)
Detail 2: 11:30 (Sighting/Prep: 11:15, Call to the Line: 11:00)
Detail 3: 13:00 (Sighting/Prep: 12:45, Call to the Line: 12:30)
Final Reporting: 14.15

Medal ceremony to follow

An extra evening detail will be held on Thursday 17th of May for Prone only. The range will open at 19:45. Relay beginning at 20:00. 


Bookings to be made through this website. Firing points will be assigned on the day. 


Booking is now open


Please book early, there are limited spaces available. Extra details may be added where there is demand. 

Please visit for more information on the 2017 ISSF Rules and Timings, Second Print v1.1 01/2018. If you are unsure of any of the match formats, please don't hesitate to get in contact. 



Rathdrum Rifle and Pistol Club,


Co. Wicklow.

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